Why Do Men Become Sugar Daddies?

Become sugar daddy

According to a recent estimate, more and more handsome and rich men are becoming sugar daddies. But why would such men, who could easily form relationships with women turn into sugar daddies? It could be attributed to some factors as mentioned below. These factors are applicable to rich old men too!

An indifference towards the regular dating game.

Relationships require a lot of work, you have to call a woman at all times, take care of all her most trivial of needs, and have to be there for her whenever she needs you. This is for a lot of men, an off-putting task. While sugar daddies don't have to dabble in all such conditions. They are the ones who decide the rules in the relationship. They could be looking for sugar relationships based on their own needs, when to meet the sugar baby, what kind of accommodation to provide for her, when to pamper her etc.

The tendency to be authoritative.

As they say "with money comes power", and with a lot of money LOTS of power. The sugar daddy equation is based on this very fact. He may decide when to take his baby on vacations, on shopping trips, fine diners etc. They are the one who calls the shots - if the sugar baby doesn't adhere to their wishes, then there is always the option to look for another!

To prevent emotional attachment.

In such an arrangement men are usually not looking for emotional attachments, they are just looking for a good time. They could be people who have undergone some trauma in their lives, which have made them scared of long term relationships. If a sugar baby gets too emotionally attached, then the sugar daddy would remind her of the conditions of the contract.

Someone to pamper him at all times.

Everyone wants to be pampered in life, but most of the times it's hard to get what you want, isn't it? But this doesn't hold true for sugar daddies, all that money they splurge on their sugar babies results in them completely fawning over them. This kind of pampering is hard to find in a real relationship, which is built on ups and downs.

The factors such as indifference towards dating game, aversion to emotional attachment, authoritative tendency etc. are the reasons which would turn a man into a sugar daddy. This results in him wading through the web, finding sugar daddy through dating websites. And if he finds something he likes, he is always ready to pay up-front to exert his high-handedness in the relationship!

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