Factors To Consider When Choosing A Sugar Daddy

Dating Sugar Daddy

When it comes to picking a sugar daddy, you need to keep a few things in mind to make a choice that best suits your preference. Sugar daddies fall into two main categories namely; married and single. Picking one is a personal choice that is similar to choosing a dress or a pair of shoes.

The following are pros and cons of single and married sugar daddies:

Single sugar daddy

A single sugar daddy is a successful gentleman who is either divorced, widowed or a bachelor who is not attached to anyone regarding marriage or relationship. The man has plenty of money and is ready to lavish you with gifts in return for sexual favors or company.



If you're the type of sugar baby that likes a man to be available to you anytime, a single sugar daddy has all the time for you because he has no family commitments. He doesn't need to go home at a certain hour because there's no one nagging him with phone calls at all hours of the night.


If you value your life and looks, then you will not encounter angry wives or girlfriends that are ready to hire hit men or pour acid on your face because you are attached to their men. You can move around freely with the man without worrying thoughts of a surprise attack from partners.

-More money for you

Money and gifts are the sole reason why you're finding sugar relationships with a sugar daddy right? A single sugar daddy doesn't need to buy gifts for anyone else, so he'll spend all his money on you.


- Wifely duties

You might need to perform wifely duties for this one because he will want you around him all the time. He can take you to his house because there's no one waiting for him, and you might feel awkward not making him breakfast in the morning or tidying up..

- Attachment

This man may want you around him all the time. Spending too much time with someone might lead to the development of feelings, and you might end up getting hurt in future because this type of man might never want to settle down.

Married Sugar Daddy

A married sugar daddy is in a marriage union but requires a sugar baby for company and sex. The man could be traveling a lot due to work commitments, and his wife can't accompany him on his trips because she might also have work commitments or prefers to stay home with the kids.


-Seasonal lover

If you're the type that doesn't like seeing someone all the time, this is your man. He will only see you when he has time because of his family commitments.

- Very discreet

Married sugar daddies have reputations to protect and secrets to keep. If you're a girl that doesn't want anyone to see you in public with a married man or older gentleman, a married sugar daddy will suit you just fine. The man will do anything to hide you from the public meaning your meetings will always be secret.


-Dirty secret

As much as most people frown upon sugar daddy-sugar baby arrangements, there are those girls that don't want men to keep them a secret. They are proud of their man, regardless of his age and size. If you don't want to feel like a disgusting secret, a single sugar daddy might be better for you.

High risk

A married sugar daddy comes with a risk of possible attacks at any time, from an angry wife. You never know the character of the man's wife (psychotic or easy going). Some will seek revenge on the side-dish while there are those that will just walk away.

In a nutshell seeking arrangements with sugar daddies is a personal choice that will depend on many factors. The details above will help you make the best choice when it comes to choosing between a married or single sugar daddy.

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