Questions to Ask on a First Date in a Sugar Relationship

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First dates can be awkward with an often, stilted conversation, so it is a good idea to have some questions in mind to get the person talking about themselves. If you are looking for arrangements that suit you both, you may even find something that you both enjoy doing, giving you an idea for future dates. The first question should ideally get the other person talking about themselves, and in doing this keeps it light,

1. What is Something You Want to Learn?

This will get your sugar daddy talking about his hopes and dreams. if he is not very forthcoming, you can prompt a bit by asking him a multiple choice question Example: Would you rather be lost on a tropical beach? or Lost climbing a snow-covered mountain?

Questions like this give you a glimpse into the other person's sense of humor and sense of adventure.

2. Ask What is something that bugs you?

Some people are very relaxed about most things, but there will be one or two things that bug them, and this will give you some insight into what makes them tick.

If you are a younger woman seeking a sugar daddy, there will be an age difference, and there will certainly be things that bug him finding out what they are now, mean that you can avoid them in the future.

Next, you want to find out how comfortable he/she is about sharing memories, especially embarrassing memories, ask?

3. What is the most Embarrassing Thing that Happened to you at School?

See if they are okay sharing an embarrassing memory and whether they are able to laugh at themselves while doing so. Some people take themselves rather seriously and are unable to laugh at themselves, making them rather pompous and not much fun to be with, and this may not be an ideal relationship for you.

4. Ask Who are the Special People in Your Life?

It may be their mother or their grandparent or even a lifelong best friend. This can be good and not so good! A friend once had a relationship with an older man, who was devoted to his widowed mother, he had dinner with her five nights a week and took her on outings on the weekend. Although that was kind and caring of him, it did not make for a good relationship with a younger woman, because 'mother' always came first.

5. What is Something that You are Proud of?

This can be a revealing question, as the underlying facts often determine the values of the person.

It may be something like an early promotion at work, or it might be momentous like being proud of owning three properties before he was 30 ( this is revealing as your future sugar daddy can't be poor, or the relationships won't work). So this question may reveal more about the state of his finances. Not that you are a gold digger, but if you are going to be a successful sugar baby you have to start the right way.

6. What is Your Favorite Place to Holiday

This will give you a glimpse into what he/she likes to do to unwind, and if you like a similar type of holiday, that can be a good sign. Some people find lots of activities like swimming and diving relaxing. Others just like to lie in the shade and read. This question will reveal how active your new friend likes to be on holiday. If they go to the same place every year, it can show that they are in a bit of a rut.

7. What is Your Favorite Movie?

This is another question that you can use to find 'common ground'. When you are getting to know another person this is a good way of finding out if he shares any of your likes or is totally opposite. Your favorite movie maybe 'Notting Hill', his might be 'Top Gun'. You won't know unless you ask, and then you can have a discussion about it, as some people like to see every new movie, and you may have more in common than you think.

You also need to ask yourself a Question

What am I looking for in relationships? Am I looking for a sugar daddy, or am I looking for something meaningful and long-lasting?

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