Safe Dating Advice: How to Date Safely During and After COVID-19?

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Sugar dating is a lot of fun, especially if you're going out after the pandemic. Being cooped up for more than a year can make anybody feel desperate to see and meet new people. Right now, most countries are loosening up their restrictions, and going out is slowly becoming easier again.

But as eager as you are to rekindle that fire with your sugar daddy or sugar baby, you should still be careful. As of right now, COVID-19 is still not yet eradicated. And newer mutations are still popping out left and right in different parts of the world. So as much as you want to get down and dirty, your safety is still the number 1 priority.

Here is some safe dating advice that you should keep in mind during and after COVID-19.

1 Be Vaccinated Against COVID-19

If you want to be safe from the virus, the best solution is to get vaccinated today. Get your dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in your area to have immunization against the disease. While you can still get COVID-19 if you're unlucky, the vaccine can make symptoms less severe and easier to manage.

2 Seek Out a Partner Who is Also COVID-Free

You may be COVID-free, but is your partner the same? You don't want to risk going out with someone who is sick. So to be extra careful. Convince your partner to get tested and vaccinated before meeting up. There's nothing wrong with being a little cautious. Besides, you don't want their coughing ruining your romantic dinner date.

3 Plan in Advance Before You Meet-Up

Both you and your partner should be looking for arrangements before going out this season. Even after the pandemic, you still want to make sure to be safe when hanging out in public. Reservation is always the key. Make sure that both of you plan everything in advance to avoid getting sick and quarantining again.

4 Why Date Outside When You Can Have it At Home?

Sure, going to the park or restaurant is fancy and charming, but why risk it? Why not have it at either your place or theirs? For any sugar daddy, that might mean not being able to show off your cash by buying your sugar baby a new dress or a fancy dinner. But you can make the occasion still special by having a movie marathon with some bougie takeout.

5 Make Sure to Bring Sanitizer and a Spare Face Mask

During and after COVID-19, you can encounter some nasty people coughing and sneezing everywhere. And it's gross that you will be touching, holding, and leaning on random surfaces. Stay protected by bringing sanitizer and a space face mask with you all the time. You simply can't predict any nasty situation. Plus, your sanitizer can also double as a cologne if it has a sweet scent to it.

6 Follow Social Distancing Guidelines in Your Area

Social distancing guidelines are still being implemented right now. So to avoid run-ins with any manager or cop, be sure to follow them diligently. Practice social distance with everybody, including your date. It might seem less intimate if you're a few inches away from each other. But hey, at least you two can still rub feet together under the table.

7 Never Forget to Wash Up After Every Date

Hand-washing is the greatest defense you have against any illnesses, including COVID-19. Washing your hands after every trip, meal, or cuddle session can help lower your risk of getting sick. And hey, if you two are feeling frisky, maybe you both can wash more than just your hands. Washing your hands is a good way to keep viruses away. It's also a good way to keep any infections like UTI at bay.

8 Practice Safe Sex When Things Gets Naughty

Just a friendly reminder if you're planning to meet a new date. You know the drill. Of course, with COVID-19, you want to keep an eye out on other symptoms like loss of taste and sore throat. It's always a good option to get tested, especially if you're experiencing some sickness after a big night. It's better to be safe than sorry, especially if it's something as serious as COVID.

COVID-19 has brought a big impact on the dating scene. But don't let this virus ruin your time with your sugar daddy or sugar baby. With a little bit of compromise, you can have that amazing date you always dream of. And who knows, you two might go out for another time.

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