Difference Between Dating A Sugar Daddy And Dating A Sugar Mummy

Sugar Daddy/Mummy

If you are a sugar baby, you might be used to sugar daddy websites to connect you with a sugar daddy or sugar mummy. But if you have only ever experienced dating one, you might be curious about the differences with dating the other. So this quick guide will take you through the main differences.

Dating A Sugar Daddy

If you are an experienced sugar baby then you know that ultimately the control rests with you. This is the case whether you are dating a sugar daddy or sugar mummy. The arrangements are very much like business deals, and you hash out the terms of that deal between the two of you until you are both happy. There are some differences in what a sugar daddy expects from his date though. (Remember, this is a general guide and not entirely true of every sugar daddy out there).

Sugar daddies want some level of intimacy. This does not always mean sex, but perhaps hand holding over dinner in a fancy restaurant, or linking arms as you stroll through the park. Typically a sugar daddy will want some form of intimacy, so you should expect that to be something he requests.

They are typically the gentleman type. They will want to hold the door for you or pull out a seat. It is just a sign of respect and how they were taught to behave as a man.

Vacations seem to be more common. Again, this is not always the case, but generally a sugar daddy likes to woo his sugar baby with expensive vacations and trips. Whilst a sugar mummy might do this too, vacations seem to be much more common in a sugar daddy relationship.

Allowances also seem more common here. Whilst a sugar mummy can just as easily give an allowance to her sugar baby, sugar daddies just seem that much more likely to. Sugar mummies will still pay for dates and new clothes etc. but might just be less willing to hand over an allowance.

Dating A Sugar Mummy

Just as above, a sugar baby is in complete control over what they are comfortable with. But a sugar mummy will, generally, have slightly different needs from their relationship. Below is just a few:

They tend to look for companionship over intimacy. That does not mean the relationship will not become intimate, but initially they want to see that their sugar baby possesses the art of conversation.

They may initially be slightly more reserved about their relationship with a sugar baby. That does not apply to every sugar mummy, but plenty start out with romantic dinners at their home, or other private locations, before they feel comfortable enough to take their new sugar baby out around town. This will differ in every relationship though. Sugar daddies tend to want to head out in public much earlier.

In a recent study, it was found that the average sugar mummy sought meaningful relationships far less than sugar daddies. This may come as a surprise to you, but generally speaking, sugar mommies wanted somebody to spend time with and care for, but not necessarily somebody to fall in love with and marry. Sugar daddies on the other hand, seemed to hope that their relationships would eventually lead to a lasting love between them and their sugar baby.

The Main Differences

Firstly, remember that each individual relationship is unique, regardless of age difference or whether you have a sugar mummy or daddy. Generally though, the actual act of being a sugar baby does not differ much between sugar mummy and sugar daddy. By and large, the differences come from what the sugar mummy or sugar daddy expects from their sugar baby in their relationship. Sugar mummies might prefer a sugar baby who will talk and listen to her, without expecting any real love or intimacy to develop. Sugar daddies might initially look for intimacy in their relationships, but hope for a lasting love to develop over time. The key to any relationship is to be open and honest about your expectations, so that any differences from the 'norm' will be agreed upon by both parties anyway. After all, what is best for you and your sugar mummy or daddy is all that really matters.

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