How To Express Your Appreciation To Your Sugar Daddy /Sugar Baby?

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Gratitude is one of the best emotions to feel and express, especially towards our loved ones. When we feel grateful, we can't be mad or a nuisance to others. This happens too with sugar daddy-baby relationships and arrangements.

In such an arrangement, it's always important to show the other party that we care for them and appreciate them. Doing so will be different depending on whether you are the sugar daddy or sugar baby. We tend to think that everything sugar daddies need to do is buy gifts and pay for dinner, while sugar babies must be cute - but there's more to it.

How to show your sugar daddy that you appreciate him

#1 Let him know that you think of him

Everyone loves knowing that someone thinks of us. Whether you listen to a song that reminds you of him, see someone on the street that looks like him, or are just missing him, let him know.

Send him a loving text that shows how much you miss him and want to see him again. Some sugar daddies are more emotional than others, but he will surely appreciate it either way.

#2 Do something he likes

Maybe sports aren't your first choice when it comes to entertainment. But you know what? Sometimes we have to sacrifice our time and do things our loved ones enjoy.

Spending time on an activity he enjoys will show him how much you appreciate him. You want to spend time with your sugar daddy no matter what, even if it's doing something that doesn't fit your plans. His heart will probably melt, and you'll get rewarded with an unforgettable night.

#3 Respect him

If there's something men like, it's being respected. Blame it on biology or socialization - either way, make sure you don't make fun of him unless in a caring and respectful manner.

Asking for his opinion on important matters or letting him know that you value his point of view will make him feel important. Another great way to show respect to your sugar daddy is through compliments. Say you adore his new haircut or suit, and see his reaction. There are few things more powerful than a compliment.

#4 Be more independent

Guys like independent women. How come? A girl that isn't clingy or jealous is in a relationship as a plus - she can live without the guy. That is scary and exciting at the same time. Also, that gives the guy some space, which all of us need at some point.

Make room and time for yourself: go out on girls' nights, take a bath while you read and enjoy a glass of wine, make sure to exercise to keep a healthy mind and body, and so on. Spare time to work on yourself and become more attractive to your daddy.

How to show your sugar baby that you appreciate her

#1 Open up

Saying that girls appreciate emotional vulnerability is not a cliché or understatement. Guys tend to bottle up and not share their emotions because that's what they've been taught in their childhood.

However, sharing how you feel with your girl will make her feel appreciated. It doesn't even need to be pushy. "Hey, babe, do you know you make me feel so safe and good?" can be enough to melt her heart.

#2 Make time for her

Yes, you have money, and you're attractive. You're a catch. You know it, and so does she. But there's more to keeping a great woman by your side. After seeking arrangements, the goal is to keep the relationship going smoothly.

To do so, you must make time for your sugar baby. Whether it's going to the cinema and watching a romantic movie or asking her out on a dinner date, set time aside to devote to her. Some girls are used to guys not caring about them - you want to be different and give her what she deserves.

#3 Take care of yourself

This piece of advice is for you and you only, but it might also help you maintain her attraction towards you. When we are in a relationship, we sometimes forget to dedicate time to ourselves.

If you used to love going to the gym or for a beer with your friends, but you don't do it anymore, take a step back and reconsider how you use your free time. Girls love guys who are emotional but also autonomous. There's nothing sexier than a man who can take care of himself - that means he can take care of his sugar baby too.


Long story short, appreciating the other party in your sugar arrangement is key to maintaining a smooth relationship. Showing gratitude varies depending on your gender and personality, but there's always a way to do things. We gathered some of the best ways to appreciate your partner in this article, but feel free to come up with others. As long as you make your man or girl loved, that's enough.

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