What Sugar Daddies Expect From Their Sugar Babies?

sugar daddy dating

So you have heard all the perks that come with being a sugar baby and you have decided to go on the prowl for your perfect sugar daddy. Before you go on registering on all the sugar daddy websites or sugar baby websites you should first learn about what a sugar daddy will be expecting from you.

Here are some of the top things that a sugar daddy will be expecting from his sugar baby.

1. Affection

Most sugar daddies are looking for pretty young things who can adore them and treat them like kings. You need to learn the art of seduction. However, you must remember that charming a man the first time is always easy, the challenge comes in maintaining his attention. Men get easily bored with the same routine so you must learn how to keep him interested. If you don't, chances are that you will be back in the market looking for a new sugar daddy in no time.

2. Honesty

No one likes a fake person, even sugar daddies. For the most part, sugar daddies will be old men, probably old enough to be your father. This means that you should be ok with spending time and receiving affection from them. If you genuinely don't like a potential sugar daddy and you can't see yourself being affectionate with him, maybe you should try getting another sugar daddy one whom you can genuinely spend time with. Unlike what most people think a sugar baby and sugar daddy relationship is one of mutual respect and trust. After all no one likes to spend time with someone who secretly despises them.

3. Sophistication

Your sugar daddy will probably be taking you to extremely posh places and he expects you to act appropriately. You need to carry yourself with a sense of class and sophistication so that you do not end up embarrassing him. If you are completely new to the high lifestyle always follow his lead whenever you are visiting a new place that you are unaccustomed to.

4. Discreetness

Most sugar daddies are married with children and they do not intend on leaving their wives for a sugar baby. For this reason, his identity should always remain a secret. This discreetness extends to your close girlfriends. You can praise and brag to your friends but leave his name and other personal details out. Jealous girlfriends have been known try to get back at you by exposing your relationship.

5. Your time

Let us not kid ourselves, this is a mutually beneficial relationship. You get the luxury life you can't afford on your own and he gets to enjoy your company and your time. Most sugar daddies are busy hard working individuals who only get a few hours to spend with you. You should line up your schedule to align with his so that whenever he calls you are available for him. Sugar daddies do not like to be kept waiting or have their dates cancelled.

6. Respect

He may not be the most handsome or the most well-mannered person but you will have to respect him. After all you are both benefiting from the relationship. If you want him to respect you, you must do the same.

Many sugar daddy-sugar baby relationships have been known to last for years and yours can work too but only if you both continue to fulfill each other's expectations. Just remember that mutually beneficial relationships can only be sustained if both parties continue to meet each other's needs and expectations.

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