To Be A Rich Man's Girlfriend or A Sugar Daddy's Sugar Baby?

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In today's world, relationships have evolved into more complex arrangements. If you were to choose between a rich man and a sugar daddy, which one would you go for? Well, the answer depends on your priorities. There is a general misconception from people who term this arrangement' as prostitution.

While it's true that sexual contact may be part of the agreement, some daddies just want travel companions or someone to hang out with.

Below we present the real facts that explain the difference between a rich man's girlfriend and a sugar daddy's sugar baby.

Understanding the sugar daddy relationship

People normally mistake a sugar baby for an escort. But, according to sugar daddy websites, these are regular ladies who are in a mutually beneficial relationship with rich men. Both parties have needs and desires which they gain from the agreement.

Unlike escorts, sugar babies are not paid for their services. Rather, they are treated with expensive gifts such as a condo, jewelry, and trips to exotic destinations. Monthly allowances can also be part of the deal. Oftentimes, these arrangements are private and confidential, unless the sugar babies share it among themselves.

Sugar daddies are rich men (not necessarily old), who are generous and willing to spend simply because they can afford it. In a sugar daddy dating, there is no emotional connection. A man may be looking for companionship, attention, and in some cases, physical intimacy. There is a certain degree of obligation between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby.

What distinguishes sugar baby dating from wealthy dating?


If a lady dates a rich man where real emotions, love, and feelings are involved, that is a genuine relationship with long-term benefits including marriage. You may want to have kids and live a normal family life. While the man may be responsible for taking care of financial aspects, decisions are openly discussed and there are no obligations to provide something in return.

Temporary commitment

A sugar daddy doesn't have the intention to get married. He considers himself to be too busy and just wants to have fun. The lady benefits from financial assistance and a better life. The sugar baby has an objective such as buying a car or getting money to pay for college or an apartment. Whereas, in a rich men dating, money is beside the point. The deeper level of intimacy, sex, and emotional connection are more significant to some men. And they'd prefer that lifestyle.

Financial gain

Every arrangement is different in a sugar baby dating scenario. Sugar babies can negotiate what they expect to be compensated for time spent with their partners. Earnings can be in form of cash or gifts ranging from vacations, cars, and rent. They can earn an average of $3,000 per month.


Most sugar babies may prefer their arrangement' to be confidential. Their families and friends may not be aware of such a relationship. But dating a millionaire is different. He might introduce you as his girlfriend to friends and family members. This makes you the main woman in his life.

The verdict is yours

That being said, relationships are personal matters. What appeals to you might not appeal to another person. It all boils down to doing what you feel keeps you happy. What may start as an arranged meeting can develop into a more serious relationship. So, which lifestyle are you looking for?

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