How Can I Know If My Sugar Daddy Is Fake or Not?

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In today's world, having a sugar daddy can seem like a great idea to earn an extra income; perhaps you need to pay for college, you need help with rent payments, or you just want to be able to treat yourself a bit more. In theory, it is a good idea, the man is willing and happy to pay for your company or sexual favors, and as long you are comfortable with what they are asking from you, you get paid well - everybody wins.

However, not every man out there is who they say they are, there are plenty of men who either want what you are offering but can't afford to pay, or they are hoping to scam you, and end up earning money themselves. It is important to protect yourself from these types, so whether you are just starting to explore the idea of having a sugar daddy, or you are currently unsure how to know who is real or who is fake from the men you are talking to, we have some points to help you make the right choices.

Naked Picture Requesters

A man who is genuine doesn't need to ask for these pictures; if he is interested in having a long-term arrangement with you, he knows that in time maybe this is something you will want to send, but for now he will be focused on getting to know as a person, sugar daddies are generally respectful and kind with women. This is a basic mistake made by the men who are trying their luck, and you should not waste any time entertaining them.

He wants to know your bank details

Now, if you have been in a relationship with your sugar daddy for a long time you have built trust and he's asking for this information, then it's probably okay, and there will most likely be a reason for it. But in the early stages, stick to being paid by apps like Venmo or Paypal, where the personal information about you they have is limited, for now, you should absolutely not give them any information about your bank, account numbers, social numbers or the like.

Only wants to pay each time you meet

Let me be clear, there is no judgment toward prostitutes, however, you are not a prostitute. Any sugar daddy who says he will pay after you have met him at a hotel or motel, is not a sugar daddy. A man looking for an escort can go look elsewhere, this is not the type of business you are in.

He's forgotten his wallet

The amount of women who fall for the same line is shockingly high, some men are just so charming for them, that they end up being at the man's beck and call, while also paying and not even realizing the situation they are in. If at any time you are out to dinner, on a date, or anything similar, and your sugar daddy suddenly announces that he has forgotten his wallet, leave. Don't fall for any lies, or believe any excuses; a sugar daddy is proud to pay and treat you, a genuine one is certainly not going to do something as stupid as forget his wallet. This also includes any man that asks you to lend him money until his "massive cheque from a business acquaintance clears", or the ones who pay for cheaper things in the beginning, then promise they'll pay you the money back when you both want to do something more expensive.

Above all, if something doesn't feel right, then it's probably not right, and you need to quit before you get in too deep and waste your time or get hurt. But don't let the fake sugar daddies put you off the real ones, you are much less likely to encounter a fake one, just keep your wits about you, and you can end up forming a great relationship that really can change your life.


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